Rolling up the results

Thanks to all who responded to the Des Moines Sushi Bomb follow-up survey that was sent out. Here at Lessing-Flynn we greatly appreciate any and all feedback to make the event even more delicious next year! Here are a few points we gathered from the results:

  1. Half of all attendees heard of the event through social media. Power to Twitter, YouTube and Facebook!
  2. When asked who their favorite sushi restaurant was, Waterfront Seafood Market led the way with 39.6% of survey returns, but all restaurants; Hoshi, Taki and Samurai Sushi and Hibachi had strong supporters. It was clear though, Chuck Norris doesn’t just eat sushi, Chuck Norris is sushi!
  3. Supply and demand – either more sushi for the price or a less expensive ticket. We’ll be looking into additional area restaurants for the future and are looking at adding as much value to your experience as possible.
  4. The set-up was congested due to table placement, ticket handling and weather outside. We’ll work on a new sort of sushi stage for next year.
  5. Clear consensus that Jasper Winery served as a lovely venue.
  6. Close to 90% of respondents would attend a similar event next year! Des Moines Sushi Bomb II (not the cheesy sequel kind).
  7. More bag swag.
  8. Decoy Stripped sounded great.
  9. Not everyone is a chopsticker- forks are sometimes a necessity.
  10. RAYGUN shirts looked good but will be ordered and reserved with more accuracy.

Sushi bombers: Tom Flynn, Jess Held, Josh Fleming

We lived, we ate sushi and we learned!

If you attended and would like to contribute to the stats, click-it! Des Moines Sushi Bomb


DSM: SUSHIBOMB – 2010 Event Highlights!

Sponsor Shout Out: 48 Web / Andy Brudtkuhl

We are happy to introduce you to Andy Brudtkuhl of 48 Web. And, we’re giving him a new nickname:

WordPress Ninja!

Snicker if you want, but that’s exactly what Andy is. He helped make this Web site go from a fat guy running on fall leaves to a stealth ninja at night. Sweet WordPress action! And it only took him a few hours to make some tweaks to keep the creative folks happy.

As his Web site says, “We Build Awesome WordPress Sites.” Best. Tagline. Ever. If you need a Web site, consider 48 Web and Andy Brudtkuhl’s talent to make it come to life for you on WordPress. This site is a far cry from Andy’s best work – take a look at what he’s done for other companies. The Lessing-Flynn blog “AdMavericks” just had an overhaul – read about it here. Or, check out a recent site done for Palisade Systems in Des Moines – here’s Andy’s thoughts on that.

We can’t thank Andy enough for the support he’s given the DSM: SUSHIBOMB, other than to say, check out Andy’s ninja like skills and talent for yourself. Andy Brudtkul has more SEO (Search Engine Optimization) glory than any man should, but if you’re looking for some short cuts on how to get in touch with the man, the myth, the WordPress Ninja, here you go.

48 Web on Twitter
Andy Brudtkul on Twitter
48 Web Blog
Podcasts from Prairie Cast with Geoff Wood

Sponsor Shout Out: Boesen the Florist

For those of you at the DSM: SUSHIBOMB this weekend, you’re in for a real treat. Just wait till you see the sushi inspired flower arrangements that Boesen the Florist will be providing as a sponsor of the DSM: SUSHIBOMB. We knew Boesen would be the perfect company to work for our sushi event.

In the areas of design, service and presentation few come close to what Boesen can do. Boesen consistently provides a high quality in terms of product, design, service and presentation. Plus, we love a good local story like this one from their Web site:

Boesen The Florist was opened at the present location of its main store and greenhouse of 3422 Beaver Avenue in 1923 by Betty and Theodore Boesen. Today, it is owned and operated by third generation family members, Tom and Frank Boesen. The Beaver Avenue store has evolved from its original “bones” as a small retail shop with family housing above in the 1920’s, to its current state with many additions and renovations. Its 60,000 square feet now accommodate a central design facility, a 22 line call center, administrative offices, a seven peak greenhouse operation, a floral and hardgoods receiving and distribution center and retail space. The gem of this location is its 1600 square foot walk-in retail cooler that allows customers the opportunity to browse the entire selection of the 30,000 to 40,000 stems brought in each week from flower farms around the world.

Boesen has been a hot name in the social media community in Des Moines of late. Their blog, FlowersDesMoines and their presence on Twitter and Facebook are reaching new customers and creating new fans of their service and beautiful flower arrangements.

Again, a huge thanks to Boesen the Florist, we can’t wait to see your flowers on Sunday!

We’re sold out, but…

The DSM: SUSHIBOMB is officially sold out! We are extremely grateful to sushi nation on the love and passion for sushi that we knew was there. Des Moines needs this event! Sushi lovers need this event! In just three short days, we’ll be enjoying sushi, beers and great Iowa wine from our sponsor and host, Jasper Winery.

The DSM: SUSHIBOMB crew and the folks at Lessing-Flynn want to give a big thanks to our sponsors, Mediacom, Boesen the Florist, 48 Web and Jasper Winery as well as the participating sushi partners, Hoshi, Samurai, Taki and Waterfront. All of these companies took a chance on a new event and we couldn’t have sold out this event without their wonderful faith and support.

If you missed out on getting a ticket to the DSM: SUSHIBOMB, there may still be hope. Check out this offer from one of our sponsors, Urban 515.

Sponsor Shout Out: Urban 515

We were pumped when Des Moines start-up, Urban 515, decided to help us out with the DSM: SUSHIBOMB! Urban 515 will be providing complimentary bags for the 250+ attendees of the DSM: SUSHIBOMB. Urban 515 offers a unique service that fosters relationships between local businesses and consumers so that both can benefit and create mutually rewarding experiences. The company was created because they’re passionate about the Des Moines community. Urban 515 works to facilitate and inspire conscientious consumers to help support and strengthen the local business alliance.

“We’re proud of our community because we know the desire to support local is already present, we just provide a simple and rewarding way for people to carry that out,” said Kari Lantz, founder of Urban 515, “We’re not marketers out pushing a product, trying to sell people discounts and coupons. We’re a part of the community too, just trying to help consumers help their city. We’re casual and laid back. Urban 515 is way more than just our card. We’re here to help create a better, more sustainable Des Moines marketplace.”

Kari Lantz, Urban 515

One of the participating restaurants, Hoshi, is an Urban 515 alliance-offering businesses. Urban 515 card holders can receive buy one get one half off on all Hoshi sushi menu items (applies ONLY to sushi menu-excluding dinner menu and alcohol). Urban 515 hopes offers like these will inspire participants to come back to Hoshi and other local places once the DSM: SUSHIBOMB event is over.

As for why they wanted to help the DSM: SUSHIBOMB, Lantz said, “We’re so excited about being a sponsor for DSM: Sushibomb. This idea is great: it supports local sushi restaurants and creates awareness for local businesses.”

To learn more about Urban 515, please visit their Website, or find them on Facebook and Twitter. Better yet, meet Kari Lantz in person at the DSM: SUSHIBOMB – what can we say, she has great taste!

Sponsor Shout Out: Jasper Winery

Jasper Winery is a family owned and operated winery in the heart of Des Moines, just west of Gray’s Lake on George Flagg Parkway. Started in 2000 as a hobby, Jean and Paul Groben started what is now 10 acres of grapes in Jasper County. Their son, Mason, studied wine-making at the University of California-Davis, and chose to come back to Iowa and make Iowa wine using only Iowa grapes. The winery began in 2003 in Jasper County and moved to Des Moines in 2008.

Today, Jasper Winery produces 11 wines and one port-style wine, holds events for the public throughout the year and rents out the modern winery facility for small events like board meetings and bridal showers as well as large receptions. The tasting room is open every day to taste Jasper Winery wines, learn about Iowa grapes and wine and to enjoy the peaceful winery setting in the heart of Des Moines.

Learn more about Jasper Winery on their Website or follow Jasper Winery on Facebook and Twitter. Or learn more about Jasper in person at the DSM: SUSHIBOMB!